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Luxury of Space: Designing a Dream Laundry Room

Plan with these zones and amenities in mind to get a laundry room that takes function and comfort to the max!

Few of us like to do laundry, and an ineffective space can make it worse. These aren’t rooms we prioritize spending time in and money on, but making design decisions that emphasize comfort and practicality can make laundry less of a chore. Instead of shoving your washer and dryer into the basement, try following some of these tips to lay out a dream laundry room that you’ll actually enjoy spending time in. Helpful additions — drying cupboards, raised appliances, great lighting — will boost your laundry room’s style and function, too.

The 3 Laundry Zones

There are three different zones in every successful laundry room. The size of each zone will be different according to the laundry room’s overall size, but having all three will make a laundry room more efficient.

First there’s the preparation zone. This area should have space for baskets of dirty clothes, overhead cupboards and a sink to help you get your laundry ready for washing.

Tip: A deep sink will help when you’re soaking woolen items and delicates. A swivel tap, like the one in this photo, can also make watering indoor plants a breeze.

The wash and dry zone should include your washer and dryer, and shelving or other storage for your cleaning products.

Tip: If you are designing a galley laundry, make sure you have at least 36 inches in front of the washing machine (front-loading washers need less) and 42 inches in front of a dryer, so you can access your appliances without bumping into cabinets.

Create a folding zone with a basket for clean clothes, a countertop for folding and hanging rods for anything that needs to air dry.




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